What do you get when you combine the world of engineering with computer programming? Robotics! 

Full of endless creativity, fun, and collaboration, this camp will use the LEGO® Education SPIKE™ Prime set to introduce ninjas will be to motors, sensors, and other robotics hardware that they will use to build and design autonomous robots that can think like a human, move like a self-driving car, and act like a coach! 

Ninjas will also learn the fundamentals of the Python Programming Language as they program each robot to navigate challenges and complete a variety of tasks.

PREREQUISITES - Participants 8+must have some prior block coding experience (Scratch, MakeCode Arcade, etc.) or be familiar with the LEGO Spike platform. Some examples include:


All camps are half day, or sign up for both and bring a lunch for an all day Code Ninjas experience (age/prerequisite restrictions for both camps apply).