At Code Ninjas, we've got the perfect camps for kids who love Minecraft, Roblox, tinkering with electronics, building with LEGO, or dreaming of becoming the next YouTube sensation. Our camps use the games and platforms that kids already enjoy to teach them coding, STEM, engineering, problem-solving, logic, teamwork, and much more.

Transform your child from a tech consumer to a tech creator and let them have a blast while they do it! 

NEW FOR 2023!

Let’s create and compete in a tech-lovers' field day! Using the Makey Makey, ninjas will learn how to build & code game tools including stopwatches, scoreboards, and more out of simple household materials like cardboard and foil. Ninjas will then create & compete in a series of fun, movement-based challenges with each other using their own inventions! 

Full of endless creativity, fun, and collaboration, this camp will use the LEGO® Education SPIKE™ Prime kit  to introduce ninjas to motors, sensors, and other robotics hardware that they will use to build and design autonomous robots that can think and move! Ninjas will learn the fundamentals of the Python programming language as they program their robot to navigate challenges.

Join us as we explore cryptology, to learn different puzzle-creating techniques used throughout history and apply them to create secret messages. Ninjas will also learn to harness the power of computer programming using Microsoft MakeCode Arcade and micro:bit to to build an escape room mega-puzzle to play with fellow campers and friends.